Game rules

§1 One account per player

  1. Each player is allowed only one account per game world, with the exception of the account sitting feature.
  2. Sharing your password with another player who has another beta account on a world you play is forbidden.
  3. It is 100% forbidden to (gain) access (to) any other account than your own, unless through the sitting feature.
  4. It is allowed for multiple people to co-play an account, provided that none of the players have access to another account on the same world. It is not allowed for a player to take up a new account on a world where their old account still exists, it is necessary to request a delete for the old account and receive approval from the staff prior to moving.
  5. If you are leaving a co-played account then the password must be changed and the e-mail address as well if relevant. You must inform the staff if you want to make or take up a new account on the same world.
  6. Running a push account is forbidden.

§2 Players sharing an Internet Connection

  1. Internet Sharing must be set up on all accounts that play from the same connection/computer for 72 hours and longer or that share a connection on a regular basis.
  2. No interaction or coordination is allowed during the period in which the connections are shared, nor is it allowed until 48 hours after the connection was ended.
  3. Merging accounts that have previously played on the same connection for a substantial amount of time is not permitted.

Interaction – Sending attacks, support or resource transports to a player on the same connection.
Coordination – Attacking, supporting or sending resources to the same player, from two or more players sharing a connection.

§3 Account sitting

  1. The same rule as in §2.2 applies.
  2. Intentional destruction or damaging of a sat account is forbidden and will be punished. This includes suiciding troops, demolishing buildings or supplying information about the account to a third party.
  3. Using a sat account as a push account is forbidden.
  4. When being attacked on both the sat account(s) and own account from one player, the sitter may freely choose one of the targeted accounts to retaliate. Switching to another account to retaliate is forbidden.
  5. Any account sat for more than 30 days will have the sit ended unless there is a good reason about which the account owner has notified the Staff before setting the account under sitting.
  6. Players who quit the game and give their account over for nobling, must send in a support ticket notifying the Staff. The sitting will not be extended for this. The sitter still has to adhere to all the above rules, excluding 3.2.
  7. When the owner of an account does not return within 7 days of his announced day of return or remains sat for 21 days in a row without a sign of the owner, the account can be declared abandoned after approval by the Staff and thus nobled.

§4 Communication

  1. The official language of Tribal Wars Beta is English. Any and all communication must be in English.
  2. No profanity, abusive comments, real life threats, pornographic content, sexually explicit comments or other illegal content like spamming or advertising (other games for example). This relates to every aspect of the game where the player can edit text.
  3. If the Staff removes text, you need to reword it more appropriately.

§5 Account trading

  1. It is not allowed to sell, buy or offer (parts of) accounts in exchange for Premium points or any other outside benefit in any way.
  2. It is forbidden to offer Premium points for any kind of In Game service. This includes running competitions within your tribe or any kind of contest.
  3. It is forbidden to blackmail other players for premium points
  4. If you are not sure whether it is allowed, submit a ticket for the Staff to review before you do it.

§6 Bots and Scripts

  1. Any and all applications/programs/add-ons that automate game activities are forbidden.
  2. Using external tools that interact with the game is forbidden.
  3. The game needs to be played with a normal browser or the official Apps provided by InnoGames.
  4. Standard world: On the Standard world all approved quickbar scripts are allowed that can be found here. All other quickbar scripts are forbidden. Userscripts are forbidden in general.
  5. Sandbox: Sandbox is especially designed for testers and script developers. Therefore userscripts are allowed on this world as well. You can use the quickbar scripts that have been approved on your market or that would be legal on your market if you should develop a new script.
  6. For the versions, where userscripts are allowed: please make sure that the scripts are not active, when you log in on the Standard world to avoid punishments.
  7. If you are not sure if a script is allowed, please contact the support team before you install or use a script.
  8. To abuse the Standard world or Sandbox for the development or modification of illegal scripts or bots is strictly forbidden!

§7 Sandbox Specific rules

  1. Attacking players without their consent is illegal. Exception to this is when a player attacks a barbarian village that is conquered before the attack lands or when cross-nobling happens.
  2. Sandbox is a sandbox, meaning settings may change at random for testing purposes.

§8 Miscellaneous

  1. Anything you write may be used as evidence against you. Saying you were joking or did not mean it is not an acceptable excuse.
  2. Encouraging or tricking others into breaking the rules is strictly prohibited.
  3. If you experience a bug, you must report it to the support team or risk facing a punishment.
  4. We do not refund premium to players who break our rules.
  5. Sidding is illegal.
  6. Impersonating members of staff will result in a permanent ban of your account.
  7. All instructions given by the Staff have to be followed.
  8. Insulting/abusing/harassing the Staff through the Support System or by any other means may result in a punishment.
  9. Any rule breach on zz2 (sandbox) results in a permanent ban of your account.