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Tribal Wars - strategy game

Tribal Wars is a popular medieval mobile and browser game classic with millions of players and a history that spans more than 10 years. Join now to rule your own village!

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Tribal Wars News

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  • About Tribal Wars

    Tribal Wars is an online strategy game set in the Middle Ages in a world at war. In order to survive and in the end dominate this world, you have to build up your village and army, band together and wage war against other players. Strive for power and glory!

    • Upgrade your village and conquer others to expand your power and grow into an empire
    • Form a tribe with other players and coordinate your attacks and defense
    • Attack and plunder opponents before eventually taking over their villages
    • Play not only in your browser but also as an app on your mobile phone or tablet
    • Tribal Wars has entertained more than 50 million players all around the world

  • Game Play Features

    In the mobile and browser game Tribal Wars, you start with one small village. Your mission is to constantly upgrade and grow it into a large empire. If you adopt a successful strategy and forge alliances with other players, you’ll soon be a member of the mightiest tribe in the world. Recruiting an army and conquering other villages will be important steps along the way.

    • Simple, but intriguing gameplay - deep multiplayer - real time strategy mobile and browser game
    • Construct and expand more than 15 different buildings
    • Recruit an army out of 12 different types of units with individual strengths and weaknesses
    • Fight or cooperate with thousands of other players
    • Form powerful tribes to dominate the world

  • Cross Platform Experience

    Tribal Wars started out as a classic browser game, but these days you can also play the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. If that doesn’t work for you, just try our mobile browser version. That way you are able to pursue your passion for Tribal Wars anywhere and at any time.

    And what’s best: You can do all of that with the same Tribal Wars account. Just grab your mobile device and get started!

  • History of Tribal Wars

    Three friends looking for a fun computer game to play developed Tribal Wars way back in 2003. It became so popular in the years that followed that they were able to found InnoGames GmbH to pursue their passion for online gaming full time.

    More than 10 years later, Tribal Wars is still going strong as a highly successful mobile and browser game and has become a classic among the strategy gaming community.

    In September 2014 our brand new online game Tribal Wars 2 launched and you can now play that as well. It will not replace the original however and we will still continue to develop Tribal Wars.